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June 1, 2009
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mirror, mirror by manya mirror, mirror by manya
a poster designed for a movie score for a non-existent 'space opera' called mirror mirror.

soon to be printed. work done for, where you can now listen to the score: [link]


The original brief:

Mirror, Mirror

With Dana Chime and Ali Mustapha

Score composed by Wesley Harrison

Directed by TK

An Abyssinian space romance. This scene is from Act III and is the final conflict between the good guy and the bad guy, and the girl makes an appearance too. The girl I see very clearly in my mind and is a Queen of Sheba-type figure, thin, statuesque, Semitic in that East-African way, and regal.

The scene is supposed to be structured as the movie, kind of the movie in miniature. So it has three mini-acts, and towards the end you hear a scene-within-a-scene, which is essentially the scene itself in miniature.

It's meant to suggest a collage (even though none of it is found--all of it is me except for one canned loop--the percussion at the end). So I guess I have in mind something vaguely postmodern--like the Firefly series or Cowboy Bebop, but less comic book-y and more psychedelic and baroque.

Also, while it sounds like a variety of sounds, there's really only about 20 seconds of raw material that I cut up and re-combined (and piled some digital effects upon). And while parts of it sound like musique concrete, everything began either as musical sounds from a guitar, synthesizer, or drum machine or as a byproduct of recording those sounds (like my finger running down the fretboard or electronics noise on the digital recorder). I don't know if that is informing or not for the artist...

It's main structural device besides what I describe above is mirroring (most of what you hear goes backwards and forwards), so that ought to be a theme in the movie it came from (since this is the critical scene). The conflict itself is meant to be reflected in the tension between the more industrial, cacophonous bits and the more earthy, 5 tone, African-inspired bits. (The movie's actual conflict I have only considered in the broadest strokes).


* thank you so much for the DD and all the wonderful comments and favorites! * :blowkiss:
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Given 2010-03-05
Exceptionally executed concept.

mirror, mirror by *manya ( Suggested by MathieuBerenguer and Featured by PurpelBlur )
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thx sweto :D (Big Grin) 
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that's look fantastic in every detail,congratulations :)
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that's what she said ;)
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Really nice work !
deserve to be fav....
infact this is my first fav on DA :P
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